Advance Repair & Setup Package


Most users don't have time to hassle with bringing a computer to a retail repair shop. Why go through the process of unplugging all the wires, packing the PC up in the car, dropping it off for several days, going back to pick up the PC and attempting to set it all back up again? We make it easy by coming directly to your home or office to handle all your computer troubleshooting and repair needs. We understand either you are using your computer home or at your business, you don’t have a margin for downtime. So, when your PCs, Macs, laptops need repair IT-Nation is the right choice. We offer a fantastic on-site home and business computer repair services, remote support, and depot services to extend the life of your equipment and keep your business running smoothly.

With this, our goal is to become a trusted and valuable partner that can manage all our customer's technology needs by simply providing them with unparalleled service and technology that works. We are confident that you will be satisfied with the services we offer. Our technicians have helped many small businesses and private customers with their computer repair needs. IT Nation’s Advance Repair Package offers an affordable, fast and a most complete all-in-one package which gives you a full software and hardware computer repair service. Our experienced staff is equipped with the best tools and practices in the computer repair business to see through any of your computer repair needs.


Advance Repair Package Explained

Advanced Repair Package helps you overcome those frustrating moments when your computers do not work the way you expect them to. It can be a challenge for anyone to keep their technology fully protected from the countless threats that surface every day. That is why we specialize in providing almost all solutions for any kind of PC or Laptop problems.

One of the most popular packages, Advance Repair and Setup is a complete set of services which offers an array of features for private customers and small business owners. This package includes but is not limited to Software setup and repairs ,Operating system upgrades, setup and repairs ,PC hardware upgrades, setup and repairs ,Affordable software packages ,Full Data Backup & recovery and Full PC refurbishing.

Advance Setup & Repair Service List:
  • We will help you save all your passwords and logins

  • We will take backup of all your pictures

  • We will take backup of all your videos

  • We take care of all your applications needs

  • We will setup and install your printers and scanners

  • We will give you a full personalised computer setup

  • We will give you a full PC refurbished service

  • We will also upgrade all your PC hardware if needed

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