PC Data Recovery

PC Data Recovery in Birmingham

PC Data Recovery and computer backup is the lifeblood of a successful business. It enables companies, from fledgling start-ups to the world’s biggest enterprises, to maintain business-as-usual and grow through data- backed strategies. The trouble is, with so much of small business success riding on properly maintained and readily accessible business data, the consequences of data loss have never been more serious. That’s where PC data recovery backup services come in. Today, every business relies on storing information on local computers, laptops and servers. What would it cost to any business to recover information from a computer, if it was infected with malware or experienced hard-drive failure? With no backup in place the cost could be SUBSTANTIAL… It could be hundreds of pounds.

Developing the Data Backup Plan Identify data on network clouds, desktop computers, laptop computers and wireless devices that needs to be backed up along with other hard copy records and information. The plan should include regularly scheduled backups from wireless devices, laptop computers and desktop computers to a network server. Our IT-Nation Data Backup Experts are equipped and ready to help you with a Data Backup Plan at your premises.

The frequency of backups, security of the backups and secure off-site storage should be addressed in the plan. Backups should be stored with the same level of security as the original data. Many vendors offer online data backup services including storage in the “cloud”. This is a cost-effective solution for businesses with an internet connection. Software installed on the client server or computer is automatically backed up. Data should be backed up as frequently as necessary to ensure that, if data is lost, it is not unacceptable to the business. The business impact analysis should evaluate the potential for lost data and define the “recovery point objective.” Data restoration times should be confirmed and compared with the IT and business function recovery time objectives. Our data backup experts look forward to helping you explore your data backup options.

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