Pro Repair & Setup Package


Are you a small business owner or self-employed individual with limited business, without a full-time IT team for any small business, computer system repairs and maintenance can be a daunting challenge. Big computer repair companies can be very expensive and time-consuming because of wait times and branding. All of these worries will disappear when you work with IT-Nation because we offer a more personal approach through our affordable Pro Repair and Setup package, compared to any other major service provider. We are able to provide service and support in Birmingham with an affordable rate and with 24-hour turnaround time.

With the Pro Repair & Setup package, we not only repair old machines, but we also set up new devices. We can also give proactive support through regular checks to make sure your system is running smooth and trouble-free. Being a business owner, your main concern is to have a perfect setup which gives access to your files wherever and whenever you want, this can be done by expert technicians. We are specialised in both software and hardware related tasks for your needs. With unmatched professional expertise and support, IT-Nation is available to assist your business with its system issues 24/7. Our experienced and qualified technicians are just a call away.


Pro Repair Package Explained

Looking for an IT support team for your existing systems, want to set up a new PC, laptop, etc or looking for flexibility, access and portability? IT-Nation is a one-stop solution to all your needs. Our Pro Package includes but not limited to services.

We have exclusive access to some of the professional and popular software from companies who are best in this business. We will take care of evrything fro you from installation, setup or backup, this is a completer service pacakge tailored to your business needs.

Pro Setup & Repair Service Offers:
  • We will help you save all your passwords and logins

  • We will take backup of all your pictures

  • We will take backup of all your videos

  • We take care of all your applications needs

  • We will setup and install your printers and scanners

  • We will give you a full personalised computer setup

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